Gene’s Music Machine

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Gene Harding’s music machine is without a doubt a machine of all styles of music and more. The band mixes today’s top hits with funky R&B groove beats New Orleans-style, while featuring those local traditional flavors of the Mardi Gras Indians and that famous Second-line brass band sound.

When Harding formed the group around the summer of 2011, he looked for musicians who of course had great talents, but more specifically the ones with a great personality and the right attitude, which makes a big difference in the band dynamic. He really values serious musician, those with time to commit and drive to grow musically. Most of the musicians are also versatile at playing few different instruments.

“Gene’s Music Machine” is an interactive experience like no other, oozing with a funky twist, unleashing a completely different force onto to the New Orleans music scene. Whether you are hosting a corporate event, backyard birthday bash, bachelor and bachelorette party, a wedding celebration or even a divorce party, “Gene’s Music Machine” will always deliver a high-energy performance every show, catered to your specific occasion.

Gene's Brass Band

The New Orleans Second-line is such a well-known historic representation of the city’s cultural heritage. The popular tradition not only attracts spectators from around the world, but also plays a significant part in the lives of many locals. The high demand for these marching street parades provides countless opportunities for the city’s brass band musicians to perform.

Gene’s Brass Band naturally came about because of these ongoing requests for those marching bands with the unique New Orleans second-line beat. The Brass Band is composed of various musicians from many of these great marching bands in the city. Most importantly, Harding is committed to providing a far greater New Orleans experience than you can imagine for your money’s worth.

Double up the pleasure by booking both, Gene’s Music Machine and the Brass Band, to entertain you at your special event for that Second-line parade experience along with those great New Orleans funky grooves all night long.